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Accepted Solution

Dialogs - button language vs. browser language

Hi all,



Dialogs like these...





... should display german labeled buttons but they seem to ignore the culture setting.


  • URL parameter "lang" is already set as "de-AT", IG.culture returns correctly "de-AT"
  • a check with navigator.language returns "de-DE"



Why are the dialogs (like window.confirm("my text")) still showing buttons in English and how can I change this?


Additional info:

If I run the application in debug mode and paste the provided link in Chrome or Edge it shows the buttons correctly in German.

So I guess the internal browser is messing this up somehow.


Background info:

The version I am currently debugging is 16.5.316.4

It is kind of a copy & upgrade of previously used version

The old version works correctly and shows everything in German.

It's the first time that I am working with GeoMedia Smart Client.. so still learning ;-)


Thanks for any feedback or help!




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Re: Dialogs - button language vs. browser language

Hi Bernhard,


Have you localized already the GMSC?

You can find information on this here.

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Registered: ‎06-17-2019

Re: Dialogs - button language vs. browser language

Hi sclow,


thanks for your response.


It was done already for our previous GMSC version - but yes, maybe something was changed in the meantime (new labels, higher granularity of translations, renamings etc.) and now something is missing.

I will try to adapt the localization.


Currently I am waiting until my new registered user will be unlocked - at the moment it is saying: "This user-account is currently locked. You have to wait until its getting activated by administrator. "




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Re: Dialogs - button language vs. browser language

Please use

IG.confirm({title:'Bestätigung',message:'Wollen Sie ....?',okMessage:'Ja',cancelMessage:'Nein',callback:myCallBackFunction});

instead of window.confirm().


By the way your mixing GMSC dialogs ("GeoMedia Smart Client beenden" - there the buttons should be localized, but it is a bug right now) and workflow dialogs.



Wolfgang Janesch

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Re: Dialogs - button language vs. browser language

[ Edited ]

Yes, some of the GMSC buttons cannot be localized and it is a bug (or rather implementation change) in OpenJDK 11:


The development will needed to find other way around - it should be fixed in the next patch or release.

Jan Neumann
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