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Dynamic geometry



we don't have geometry stored in DB, we cannot have it stored due to other issues. But we have information that can create geometry dynamically. Somethig like select CreateGeometry(TABLEA.X, TABLEB.Y) as geometry from dual In this case, we do not have spatial index. Is there any chance how to display it in GMSC? Materialized view doesn't meet  the performace requirements. 


thx a lot


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Re: Dynamic geometry

Hi Lukas,


there is no way to display a geometry without a spatial index efficiently. I don't get the point about materialized view: it should help a lot in terms of performance because it is like a dynamic table. By the way as far as I remember you cannot create an fast refreshable materialized view with a SDO_GEOMETRY column, so you must basically update it on your own using a dedicated mechanism.






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