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Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Feature display rule filter - sql filter with accented characters

Client is trying to add an display rule to a featureclass.

The data in the field being filtered includes accented (unicode) text such as

Ngā Tūranga Tūpuna


Running a query directly in SQL Server management studio works.

SELECT * FROM vwDistrictPlanCulturalSignificance

WHERE CulturalSignificanceCategory = N'Ngā Tūranga Tūpuna'


When pasting the query into GMSC Admin for the filter the special characters are lost.



The resulting map does not have any data for that display rule (should have).


Any ideas how to compose the filter correctly?


Secondary - is it possible to have the legend entry for the display rule include the special characters?

e.g. in following legend 'Ngā Tūranga Tūpuna' shows 'Nga Turanga Tupuna'.



Rest of site is standard english.