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Fit to legend



I have this situation in which you have a different cluster of points group surrounding different towns each. Therefore I really want to be able to zoom directly right-clicking at a desirable feature and zoom into the specific cluster.


Is it possible to perform 'fit to legend'? I was looking for a functionality that allows me to zoom to a target legend?

So, when I right click on a feature on the legend panel I had the choice to zoom to this specific feature.


There is any way to do this in smartclient? Should I have to create an action for this?


Thank you

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Re: Fit to legend



there are 3 ways:

  1. Completetly client side:
    1. The use set the layer active in the legend and use a selection tool (can be Map extent)
    2. then right click on the map and select "zoom selected elements"
  2. You setup a predefined query in Studio to select all of the objects in the active layer:
    1. the user will set the layer active
    2. then will click on the search tool and run the query
    3. he will get the list of features in the datagrid and can fit all of them or he can use same tool discussed in 1.b
  3. Using workflows, you can create an action in the legend or in the map context to load the workflow:
    1. the user will click on the action
    2. a form will be displayed with any content (you can load the list of features in a formtable for instance)
    3. there will be an action like "FitAll"



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