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Registered: ‎07-09-2019

FormField Sqlselect in LIST

Hello, Everybody !


I am wondering how to refer to rowid in Formfield Sqlselect for LIST controller. My task is to DECODE attachement existence to "Yes" or "No" if photo field is filled with some string. At the same time it is necessary to enable LIST filters.

GMSC FormField Sqlselect sample refers only to FORM.FIELD  but I am lokking for FORM.FIELD.ID or similar syntax working in LIST.


<FormGroup name="SIGN_GROUP" label="SIGN" >

<FormField name="FOTO" label="Foto_EXISTS" maxlength="6" datatype="string" required="false" persisted = "false" type="textfield" sqlselect="SQL[DECODE({FORMFIELD.FOTO}, null, 'NO', 'YES']" filter="ISLIKE" visible="list,filter" />






Technical Evangelist
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Re: FormField Sqlselect in LIST

Hi Ervins,


Similar case was discussed in Developer Discussions in past and judging by your description here the information there should be helpful to your case.