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FormReport:: Manage output PDF file size

Our FormReport output pdf file size goes upto 3/4MB. It has 3 FormMaps (and rest are texboxes, checkboxes etc.) with A3 Page layout.


The issue here is, previously the client use to generate same pdf using third party tool which generates vector images and the pdf size was around 200kb.

Now with smart client, the pdf which has raster images has file size around 3/4 MB.


I feel it is not possible. But just asking if there is any chance to manage this file size.

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Re: FormReport:: Manage output PDF file size

Hi Vipanth,


FormMap is an image, so no way to produce a vector output in the pdf. The only possibility might be a way to specify the resolution in the output, but I guess the quality will make it difficult to be decreased to much.




Stefano Turcato
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Registered: ‎02-22-2016

Re: FormReport:: Manage output PDF file size

Ok thanks.