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Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-12-2015

GMSC 2016 - JAR expiry - any impacts?

I believe existing GMSC 2016 JARs expire 2 June 2018. The signing certificate appears to be timestamped, so my understanding is GMSC will continue to operate no problems after 2 June 2018.

  • Is that correct?
  • Or do we have to apply to get the latest JARs applied?
    (Getting deployment, testing, ITIL sign offs etc by the 2 June will be a real challange, if client even has budget to start with, so really hoping these are not mandatory to deploy)
Community Manager
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Re: GMSC 2016 - JAR expiry - any impacts?

Hi Shuan.


In your statement "I believe existing GMSC 2016 JARs expire 2 June 2018" am I correct to assume you mean the certiccate expires?



Java Plug-in Enhancements

In J2SE 5.0, the Java Plug-in was enhanced to check signature timestamps (if available) when validating JAR files. The Java Plug-in will no longer present a dialog when it encounters an expired or revoked certificate when validating a signed jar, provided that the signature timestamp confirms that the signature was generated prior to the expiration or revocation date.

The TSA's certificate must be available from the Plug-in's keystore or certificate stores when the Plug-in is validating a JAR file containing a signature timestamp.


So the expiration of the JAR files is dependant on the Timestamp and not on the signing certificate expiry.

I haven't checked the 2016 jar file specifically for the dates.