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GMSC 2016 and Oracle versions

Hi All,


Recently the database server that held our GMSC 2016 config decided to die. Repointing to another db server and running the GMSC config utility has resulted in a couple of problems when running the Administrator to create and configure the config tables.  Our GMSC server remains the same with an Oracle client (as per the install documentation) but when pointing it to a database the config tables are created but remain empty of any default values (i.e. no admin user and no default symbologies).   Point to an Oracle database and no config tables are created.  I've tried updating the client to on the GMSC 2016 server to match the database version and still no tables are created.   In all cases the user privelidges on the database servers are set to those defined in the install doc.  Does this mean that GMSC 2016 can only run with an Oracle client against an Oracle database?

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Re: GMSC 2016 and Oracle versions



I've quickly tested it and it works just fine. Here is my config:






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