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Registered: ‎10-09-2017

GMSC 2018 - Custom Coordinate System Issue

Hi All,


I'm currently facing issue with my GMSC 2018 when I tried launching the application using local coordinate system. I've followed the steps to create a custom coordinate system as shared in "".


  •  The generated package has been stored in the GMSC Directory as shown in the figure below:



  •  However, upon launching the GMSC Apps, I still received error as follows:


CS Log file.jpg


  • As can be seen in the figure attached below, for GMSC Administrator,  I've set the same name and EPSG code used in "Usersref.xml".




Hence, is there any configuration need to be done is GMSC Administrator in order for the GMSC apps to be able to read the new generated coordinate system package?