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GMSC Client - Infomode not working



I'm facing an issue with my GMSC Client-Side Infomode. I've followed these steps in using the infomode:


1) Set Active a feature

2) Click Infomode located in the Settings tab in Search Panel

3) Select a feature


However, nothing appears after the selection. May I know what's the error?



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Registered: ‎02-27-2018

Re: GMSC Client - Infomode not working

I think you need to define a Query for the feature.


In the documentation (GMSC User Guide), it is stated that: Checking the Infomode (in the Settings) check box causes the query to be executed right after the feature selection.


In the GMSC Administrator, go to your feature and to the tab Queries.


There, create a query based on "Search with selection" as explained here:


In the select clause, put all the attributes that you want to see in your infomode.

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Re: GMSC Client - Infomode not working



Thank you for your response. I'm aware of the GMSC User Guide and has been using that as the guideline for my development.

However, the current issue that I've been facing are still occuring till now although the query and attributes have been defined in the Administrator side.

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Registered: ‎02-27-2018

Re: GMSC Client - Infomode not working

Hi comecoze79,


Is your Feature active in GMSC Client?


Have you define the query for "Search with Selection?


Do you see your query under the tab "Search with Selection" in the GMSC Client? Does it work when you select the qurey, select the objects in the map and then click on "Execute Search"?