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Registered: ‎09-18-2018

GMSC Workflow insert into other tables not the main.


I have a workflow with multiple tabs(Item, Other Names, Classification, Property).


The main workflow  is related with one main table called dbo.Item when I choose the tab Other Names I want to add to a database table dbo.Othername the values that I add. I also want to update the top table after I click add.


Please check the image below:



Is there any way to save the record with 'OtherName' and 'From' inputs into a specific table (dbo.Othername) instead of the main table (defined on the properties of this workflow)?




Technical Evangelist
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Re: GMSC Workflow insert into other tables not the main.

Hi ePascoal,


Have you tried to accomplish this with an SQL Trigger of type 'After' tied to your Form?

As long as the table you wish to update is accessible in the Workflow connection it should be possible.


Here is example that UPDATES values into a table (SAMPLEEVENTS) available in the Workflow connection:

<WorkflowTrigger name="Updated" method="after" type="SqlTrigger">
<Param name="Sql" value="Update SAMPLEEVENTS set EVENTDATE = GETDATE() where ID={FORM.ID}"/>