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GMSC and data compression

Hi all,


IIS can be configured to enable static or dynamic data compression. Is there any other data compression on GMSC level (default, or can be turned on/off)? We have tested network  traffic between client and server. We used Firebug in Firefox. Customer wants to know if the numbers will be the same as in GMSC or GMSC adds some other compression.


Thx a lot


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Re: GMSC and data compression

Hi Lukas,


I don't understand why your customer is asking for that. By the way GMSC basically delivers services with dynamic content which is not compressed by IIS. The only exception should be the Maps delivered (cache), but in that case the content is already compressed at maximum level and the jar files when you download the application and the new resources (again, already compressed).

In fact the amount of communications between GMSC client and server is so minimal that it does not make sense to track it IMHO.




Stefano Turcato
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Re: GMSC and data compression

there is no othet data compresion only IIS. As Thomas Paul said.