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GMSC - charts in telerik report



In telerik report designer we can see the capabilities to add charts. 

Is there someone who already used those component? How doesn't it work? Any example?


Thank you!


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Re: GMSC - charts in telerik report

Hi there,


I have the same question as Yohann.

I can see that in the documentation here it says under "FormTable", "3.) Charts: Coming soon..." 


Does anyone have an example ?




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Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Re: GMSC - charts in telerik report

[ Edited ]

Hi there,


So...i've managed to create a chart that renders like this:

*The y(value) doesn't work.


For this, i've named the chart with the FormTable name, the series (the blue and red one) and the category (2000 and 2002) based on FormTableFields.



<FormReport name="TblChartExample" type="detail" format="xlsx,pdf" />

<FormTable name="TEST_TBL2" datatype="string" persisted="false" selectionmode="single" rowcount="5" idfield="COL3" lov="SQL[select 2000 as COL1,1 as COL2,cast(3 as int) as COL3 union all select 2002 as COL1, 2 as COL2, cast(4 as int) as COL3]" > <FormTableField name="COL1" label="COL1" /> <FormTableField name="COL2" label="COL2" /> <FormTableField name="COL3" label="COL3" /> </FormTable>




COL1 -> Category

COL2 -> Series

COL3 -> Should be value.


Like in the image bellow:


For the Value "Y" i've tried everything....COL3, =Field.COL3, etc. and nothing works. If i hardcode the value with something like...4 the chart renders ok. 

Could someone please help me from here with the value ?


Thanks a lot!