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GMSC - max size of uploaded file



What is the size limit of a file uploaded by a FormFile?

If there is a limit, is it possible to increase it?


Thank you.


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Re: GMSC - max size of uploaded file

Hullo Yohann,


The max size of HTTP-Uploads is restricted by, not by GMSC. The default request size of WebApps is 4 MB.


Since uploads from GMSC forms go to the workflow-engine, you should consider to alter the config sections in the web.config file of the Workflow Web Application ({GMSC-install-path}\Program\Workflows\web.config).

For example, to raise the max request size to 10 MB:


      <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="10240" /> <!-- 10 MB in KB (10*1024) -->
            <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="10485760" /> <!-- 10 MB in BYTES (10*1024*1024)-->

However - be aware that raising the request size limit may open up an attack vector; I would recommend to talk to your web server operators about this.


See for some advice, how the request limit is set in web.config.