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GMSC performance difference on JRE 32bit and 64bit

Hi all,


has someone tested the performance if GMSC runs on JRE 32bit and 64bit?


Any noticable differences?


We have a customer that can install just 32bit JRE, that is why this question.


Thanks & regards,


Community Manager
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Re: GMSC performance difference on JRE 32bit and 64bit

Hello Jakub


I have done some basic testing in this regard and have found 64 bit with an increased heap size (by modifying the .jnlp) to be noticeably faster than 32 bit java primarily with large data sets.

In my opinion small data sets like USSample data form GM, there is no notable difference.

My suggestion would be to load both 64 bit and 32 bit Java on the same 64 bit client machine and launch the customers .jnlp via the command line jp2launcher.exe from each Java flavor. I would then modify the .jnlp heap size and launch via the command line using the 64 bit jp2launcher.exe to see if there is a notable difference.

You should be able to notice a difference using GMSC demo site as well.




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Re: GMSC performance difference on JRE 32bit and 64bit