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Hide FormAction in FormTable based on selection status

I have a FormTable with selectionmode="multiple".

I would like to show a specific action when the row is selected and another action when the row is not selected.(see the attached picture)


I tried to used the following syntax:


visible="form[SQL[select {ROW.xx}=xx  then 0 else 1 end]]"

 But I don't know how to access the value that says whether the checkbox is checked or not. Or whether that is possible.


Should I use another way?

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Re: Hide FormAction in FormTable based on selection status

I am not sure you can do something like that in the form configuration itself. 

You can try to get the list of selected rows using (you will get an array of IDs)



and then evaluate it in the visible property of your form action.

Stefano Turcato
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