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How to Suppress GMSC 2020 Update 1 messages "Map bounds ... outside service bounds..."

Hello everybody !


GMSC 2020 Update 1 has a new feature - " flickering" statuss and error messages in GMSC client. We have number of WMS services each covering specific geographic area. After migration to GMSC 2020 Update 1 the every WMS service outside current map bound gets separate (annoying) message "Map bounds [.....] outside service bounds []" in right half of map. The messages itself does not doing any harm - the WMS data is displayed as in previous versions but usable map area on screen is reduced by some 50 %. Every zoom in, zoom out or pan produces new green statuss messages on top of map window from WMS services outside current zoom window.  The messages is "flickering"  - if no new zoom action is taken then messages disappear after 3-5 second time.

Does any method exist to supress "green" statuss messages in 2020 Update 1 from Administrator side ?


Thanks in advance,

Best regards,





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Re: How to Suppress GMSC 2020 Update 1 messages "Map bounds ... outside service bounds...&quo

Hi Ervins,


It may be required to log a support ticket to review this case as it may be considered as a bug or better said, unwanted behavior in such scenario.


I am not aware about a possibility to disable that message.




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