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How to use hyperlinks on Geomedia Smartclient?

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I wonder if is possible to use hyperlinks on feature tooltips? if so, how? I tried to include an anchor (<a href="#"> test </a>) .

On Smartclient when I picked a feature the tooltip shows up and I could see the hyperlink style but when I click on the anchor doesn't work.





Another approach was to build an action and insert on 'url' attribute the hardcoded url and simpleid as parameter (e.g{SESSION.MAP.MAPSELECTION} )





I wonder if I actually can use a url provided my feature. I wonder if it is possible to get the attributes of my features something like: {Entity.myurl} or{SESSION.MAP.MAPSELECTION} &param={Entity.myparam}


Thank you

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Re: How to use hyperlinks on Geomedia Smartclient?



I think this post is relevant to your use case:


You must use session variables, you may store your own variable within the session beforehands.




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