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Import/Export data client-side plugin

Has anyone developed a client-side plugin that allows importing and exporting of common GIS data formats such as shapefile or CAD files?


For a tender a customer has a number of floor plans they maintain in CAD drawings they want to visualise in GMSC. One option is to provide a loading tool into the database but I'm interested to know if anyone has met this requirement via a client-side plugin enabling users (not administrators) to add data using the GMSC client.



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Re: Import/Export data client-side plugin

Hi Colin,


we have developed a plugin that can import shapefiles on the client side, display them and is able to display attributes via spatial selection. It also able to save and manage the shapefile in a self-made cache so it stays in the user's project even when GMSC is closed.


We also have another plugin that is able to export formats such as shapefiles and CAD files. This one is utilizing a service that is fetching the data and preparing the export on the server-side.


So it is definitely possible to implement. Depending on the approach you might have to integrate a geo library like GDAL or GeoTools to do so.




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Re: Import/Export data client-side plugin

Hi Sven,


I have the same requirement as Colin hence may I know how I can access to the plugin you've created?

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Re: Import/Export data client-side plugin

Hi there,


We've managed to do the import of CAD files using GeomediaWebMap installed on the server and doing the processing server-side.

I don't belive that importing of cad files can be done on the client side.


Also, we've builed dedicated workflows in GMSC for importing the CAD structure on the GIS structer based on a set of rules(layer,block...) that can be configured from the workflow as well.


If you want more info please contact me.


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Re: Import/Export data client-side plugin

can i do uploding and displaying shapefile using javascript ?