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Import GeoMedia Desktop Libraries to GMSC

Can we import Geomedia Desktop's library/symbologies to GMSC? Our client has a requirement.



- Vipanth

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Re: Import GeoMedia Desktop Libraries to GMSC

Check out 'Exporting and Importing Named Styles' in GeoMedia help documentation.!book;uri=d697ac1e302b4bce1d79722e4e4261b0;breadcrumb...


  • Name each style
    2016-12-09 09_48_58-Legend Entry Properties.png
  • Open Styles from GeoMedia Home
    • Export
      2016-12-09 09_55_05-Styles.png

It is not 'lossless' - in particular if you define symbols for points/fills etc they won't make it through - check out the online help for further details.