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Registered: ‎05-02-2016

Java SQL Connection Issues



I have built a Java plugin which was working fine within Eclipse as of a few week ago.

Yesterday I opened the project and for some reason something reverted back so that it was using a JDBC connection that I previously created, which I know I changed so that it used the Intergraph tools for the SQL connection. Obviously I have done something accidently.

I am trying to get it working again using the Intergraph tools but the SQL component is failing this time round.


The error I get is 'Error! initDataSource has to be called first!'


Below is a snippet of code. There is also an update query with the same problem. I know where the error is raised, but I don't have a clue how it worked last time and not now. Am I meant to set up the data source as in our other Java projects I couldn't see this?


Connection connection = null;
PreparedStatement insertXMLTable = null;
try { //initial insert into XMLINSERTION when files are imported to GMSRVDEV, also populates triggerfield
	connection = DatabaseConnectorFactory.getInstance().getDatabaseConnector(HatBoxDatabaseConnector.class).getConnection();                    	
        insertXMLTable = connection.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO Bushland_Dev.dbo.XMLINSERTION (FILEPATH, FILENAME, TRIGGERFIELD) VALUES (?,?,?)"); //preparestatement to pass variables into, don't use concatenation as it is vulnerable to injection
    } catch (Exception e) {

Hopefully that all makes sense.


I am fairly new to Java so it is probably something I have done.