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License levels of GeoMedia WebMap that go with GeoMedia Smart Client

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Hi All,


What is the advantage of bundling GeoMedia WebMap with GeoMedia Smart Client? And what are the functionalities enhanced in GMSC for the different GeoMedia WebMap Licenses?



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Re: License levels of GeoMedia WebMap that go with GeoMedia Smart Client

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basically WebMap enables GMSC to use new datasources; you will be able to access directly for instance shapefiles or cad drawings. You will have also access to WMS and WFS services on the server side if needed (with GMSC 2016 those datasources are available also on the client side directly, with no need of WebMap). This is out of the box functionality, then you can benefit from additional possibilities like integrating information in workflows, but this is let me say "customization". For instance you might want to export the map content in GMSC to shapefile or dwg: in this case you can use WebMap to do the transformation on the server side and just use a workflow on the client side to get access to the files.


For new datasources enabled in GMSC WebMap Essentials is enough. For any other type of services provided by GWM to be used in GMSC the license level depends on the needed functionality (for instance if you need a routing service the professional license is needed).




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