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Registered: ‎08-09-2018

Limit digitize feature within a boundary?



I've been searching through this community, but couldn't find anything similar..

Is there a way to customize the "Save Geometry" button?

I mean to do some other checking before it actually save..

The idea is to do some spartial checking before saving..

If the new feature inserted is within a boundary (existing area), then it allows to save..

Else, it will prompt some message saying that it is not allowed to digitized object outside of boundary..

I think it is possible to do through customize plugins..

But couldnt think of how to do it yet..

If someone can help to point out how, it will be a great help..



Thank you.


With regards,


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Re: Limit digitize feature within a boundary?



You can implement your own GeometryValidationHandler and use it to check geometries. An example can be found in the .Net API documentation (How to: Writing a custom geometry validation handler).



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Re: Limit digitize feature within a boundary?

as of what we understandGeometryValidationHandler only for Online mode, the real interest on how to do it in Offline mode?