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Accepted Solution

Multiple display rules doesn't work with Offline Feature?



My use case is as follows:


I have an offline Feature with two display rules,

display rule A with sql-Filter 'key_01 = 1' and

display rule B with sql-Filter 'key_01 <> 1'.


let us assume: key_01 is a column of the Table TABLE_EXAMPLE, the offline Table is FEATURE_1234 In H2-DB.


Now in online mode the column key_01 in table TABLE_EXAMPLE will be changed. The the filter works and depending on key_01 value the respective display rule will be used.

In offline mode the filter will not be evaluated at runtime. My application changes the value of key_01 in H2 Table FEATURE_1234, but the style will not be changed.

But IMO the filter must be used on key_01 column in FEATURE_1234 table (cause the TABLE_EXAMPLE table is not accessible).


Is my assumption correct and is there an solution for my use case.


Thanks and Greetings,









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Re: Multiple display rules doesn't work with Offline Feature?

Hi René,


In offline-mode display rules aren't evaluated at all. This is only done by the GMSC-server. If an offline-feature is synchronized with the server then all primitives matching all display rules are rewritten to the offline-table. Each primitive knows its style according to the display rules. So at client side evaluating display rules is never done.


Best regards,


Gerd Müller-Schramm