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Posts: 42
Registered: ‎02-24-2016
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Printing poor quality




I am trying to print but my print is coming out in poor quality (Raster). I have set the dpi to 300 and I am printing to a local printer.


Is there any way to increase the DPI which appears in the GMSC dialog ( Raster-Resolution)? The max I can set is 300dpi.


When I set the Raster-Resolution to 300 dpi and select the print preview, it shows Zoom (150 dpi) but the raster in the print preview looks like the correct one(the one I want to print) -Is there any relation to the dpi in the preview and dpi selected in the dialog?


When I send to the printer the raster appears in the wrong resolution.


Has anyone had this issue?




Posts: 42
Registered: ‎02-24-2016

Re: Printing poor quality

[ Edited ]

I had to change the dpi of the printer via the properties.