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Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Public Maps - ideas for POI on linear features

Customer would like members of the public to be able to click on linear features - such as a water main - to see details.

I don't believe direct click on linear feature is possible.


I tried setting up a copy of the linear feature and defined it as point. Then added a symbology using geometry math to specify point. displayed as a feature in the public map view. Was able to create a POI based on the feature but the resulting POI would not display iin the public map view. Not sure if thats a WAD or issue.

While the geoemtry math technique would not be ideal - would only have occassional nodes could click on - it might have been a starting point.


Thinking next might play with a view in db that has point repeating along the line - not sure how difficult that will be yet (SQL Server spatial).

Or could use GeoMedia to generate repeating points, but that adds overhead to maintenance processes.


Any other ideas/approaches?


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Re: Public Maps - ideas for POI on linear features

Hi Shaun,


what about building a buffer around the line geometry in either the symbology of the feature or in database and use the resulting area feature to click on.




Super Contributor
Posts: 419
Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Re: Public Maps - ideas for POI on linear features

Unfortuntely linear and area features cannot be POIs. And only POIs are interactive in the public map - unless I'm missing something fundemental.