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Accepted Solution

SC.Map.reloadFeatures vs. IG.reloadFeatures

Hi all,


because IG.reloadFeatures does not support the "then" syntax when reload has finished to continue with other stuff I am now using:



I am wondering if there are any technical differences between these 2 methods or are both executing the same stuff behind the scenes?


I use it like this:

if (itmSuccess.getValue() == 'J') {

Is it correct that way or should I rethink this approach?



Thx for help,



PS: I got inspired by this thread/answer:

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Re: SC.Map.reloadFeatures vs. IG.reloadFeatures

hi Bernhard,


the JS methods to communicate with the map are deprecated (still there at the moment, but it is not guaranteed they will be in the future).

Please use the SC namespace to do this job, a detailed description can be found here:




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