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Registered: ‎02-27-2018
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SVG Graphic Size in relation to the size on the map

I need to symbolize 2 objects on the map to the exact size of 3m.


For this, I have a rectangular symbol in SVG of the size of 30mm width x 15mm height and another one of 30x10mm that I uploaded to the Administrator. The symbols were made with Inkscape.


In the GMSC Administrator I used m as Unit and set the graphic size on 3.


Well, my symbol was a bit more than 9m (original:30x10mm) and the other around 6m (original:30x15mm) on the map. Does anyone know the relation between the size of the original SVG-file and how it is draw on the map?

Do I need a square symbol?


I cannot go on doing trial-and-error work to assign the right size to the different symbols.

Posts: 39
Registered: ‎02-27-2018

Re: SVG Graphic Size in relation to the size on the map

I can confirm that with a square SVG-file, the scaling works as expected: ones enter 3 and m and the symbol appears in the size of 3m on the map.

Even if your symbol is not square, just save your SVG file with the same height as width.