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Security Groups ans roles



Is it possible to define group of roles i mean want to setup empty right roles corresponding to AD groups and several Roles with rights and then dispatch empty right roles (AD groups) in Gmsc groups with the good role with Right.


Customer has a lot of AD groups but those AD groups should represent only 5 differents Class or right package in GMSC.


Is it the way groups can be used?


they all log in using SSO.


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Posts: 91
Registered: ‎11-10-2015

Re: Security Groups ans roles

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you can’t achieve your requirement by using a GMSC group. In case of SSO GMSC needs one role for one AD group.


I’m sorry but for you the only solution would be Stefano ones:


The most simple way to simplify the configuration is to ask AD admin to create an appropriate role that can be used in GMSC (it is a very easy task)