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Posts: 38
Registered: ‎12-03-2015

Security - password expiration, pasword change by user

Hi All,

Our customer has a security policy where password has to be changed each two weeks. Is there in GMSC 2016 such possibility or is there possibility in .Net API to build such function where:

  1. In the administration console we can configure password life time (i.e. Two weeks), password requirements (minimum number of digits etc)
  2. User after password will expire will have such notification during logging to the GMSC and will have possibility to change the password himself



Community Manager
Posts: 309
Registered: ‎02-08-2016

Re: Security - password expiration, pasword change by user

Hello Pkrok


There is no such functionality built into GMSC so this would need to be built out side of GMSC.

I would suggest posting the API question to the Developer discussions to see if you can get an answer to your question there.