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Registered: ‎03-01-2017

Setting "DocumentName" does not define Name of exported PDFs

Hello community


When using the Telerik Report Designer, there is an option "DocumentName" where I can type in the name of the document as specified in its description (see attachment). 

However, when exporting a corresponding workflow report, the name displayed in the PDF Header is actually the name of the .trdx file.


Shouldn't "DocumentName" define the Name of the PDF? or am I wrong?


Thanks for any hints!


Technical Evangelist
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Re: Setting "DocumentName" does not define Name of exported PDFs

Hi Cristina,


The answer can be found here:


Note the Remarks:


The value of this property is used to suggest a file name when exporting a report to one of the available export formats. This property value is not used when exporting from the standalone report designer. The report filename will be used instead.



Hope this helps.