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Registered: ‎05-02-2016
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Smart Client geometry updates not always reflecting in SQL Spatial



I am doing some testing in Smart Client, and notice when adding vertices to a line in Smart Client, these changes do reflect in SQL Spatial, but

at some point however, the SQL side removes the inner vertices. So if I look at the line in SQL the next day, it will be a 2 point line again, yet in Smart Client/Geomedia it is a composite line.


I know modification log triggers are required for SQL Spatial changes to reflect geometry changes in Geomedia/Smart Client, but this is going the other way.

Do I require any other specific triggers for Geomedia into SQL Spatial?


I am testing a SQL Spatial trigger I built to move the endpoint of a pipe so that it is snapped to a pit that has been moved, but if SQL Spatial treats a composite line as a 2 point line it will be a problem.




Posts: 65
Registered: ‎05-02-2016

Re: Smart Client geometry updates not always reflecting in SQL Spatial

Sorry, after all of that I realised a trigger in SQL Server was enabled somehow. I might just remove it.