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Registered: ‎06-21-2016

SmartClient Action GE_TEXTCHANGE

Hi all, can someone point me to help, documentation or sample on 


  1. what does GE_TEXTCHANGE action do ?
  2. how would I use it?

I am looking to update the text of Text geometry feature, that's my goal and I am thinking GE_TEXTCHANGE might be able to do it for us.




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Re: SmartClient Action GE_TEXTCHANGE

[ Edited ]

Hello Nrupesh


I have not used it but I assume the GE_TEXTCHANGE allows you to modify the textual component of a feature of Type Text as I would not see any other means of doing so.

The GE_MODIFY, GE_ROTATE, GE_MODIFY, GE_DELETE would be in relation to the spatial component.


I would need to test to confirm.


I have to also add, what is your source data and database?

GMSC in general works with native database spatial geometries so if your data is using strictly GM based data then I don't believe you will be able to modify it with the GE_TEXTCHANGE.