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Styling of workflow form with Theme

We are creating a custom theme for a workflow. We have two requirements which we are not managing to achieve


  1. We want to enlarge the text size of the white text in the blue header of the workflow form. And if neccessary also the width of the blue stripe. We couldn't find in the documentation a variable that allows us to do that. How could we achieve that?
  2. We want to achieve, that the form is not wider than the end of the form table. Now the width of the form is quite longer than the end of the fields and the table. See picture below.
    We started to play with the @ig-root-width and @ig-root-container-width variables. But then the form either doesn't look good, not everything is visible or it is not proporional. Is there a good way to keep the proportions, keep everything in its place but only shorten the width on the side?

If it makes a difference, the client and workflows are in rtl.



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Re: Styling of workflow form with Theme

Hi Gideon,


I'd recommend running the Workflow in standalone mode and use browser developer tools to modify- and see CSS changes on-the-fly.


I found that variable required by (1) is not listed in the tutorial article but you might be able to use "ig-history-container". I set its properties directly in the developer tools to:

padding: 15px;
font-size: 14pt;


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