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Registered: ‎06-18-2018

System requirements for GeoMedia SmartClient 2018



I was trying to set up a new GMSC 2018 environment. When I look through requirement, the below link says GMSC is no longer dependent on a specific Java runtime version.



However, link below says Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Release 9 as additional software requirement in client side.


Please assist me on this. Do we really require JRE version 9?


Thanks & Regards,



Technical Evangelist
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Re: System requirements for GeoMedia SmartClient 2018

Hi Anil,


this is correct, GMSC 2018 still needs Java JRE 9, which is no longer available at the Oracle site, but it works with Java JRE 10. Starting GMSC 2018 Update 3, there is no Oracle Java needed, works on OpenJDK. So once you update GMSC to Update 3, you can remove all the Oracle Java runtimes from your computer (provided you don't need it for other applications).