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Telerik export is empty, workflow generates data

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Good day, all.


I am having the following problem. I want to generate report to excel using telerik template. Data is successfully generated in wokflow itself, but when I am exporting to telerik - it's empty and no error.  One of the parameters is multiple selection. 


I am assuming something wrong with javascript.


I use customscript to set value for an empty fields. 


In attachments are code sample for Formsettings and javascript. 



Regards, Yulia.






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Re: Telerik export is empty, workflow generates data

hi Yulia,


the Javascript file in your attachment is empty and you did not post the report template file, so I'm not sure what you are doing in there.


Since you are using JS to generate fields I'm assuming you are using FORM placeholders in your report template. This type of placeholder works only if the value is persisted into the database. The Telerik reporting engine does not fill the values from the form itself, it does it on the server side, connecting to the database.

If you need to compute values within the form and use them in the report output, what you can do is to store those values in the session using a session trigger. Then, in your report template, you will have to use a SESSION placeholder instead of the FORM one.




Stefano Turcato
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Registered: ‎09-23-2019

Re: Telerik export is empty, workflow generates data

hi Stefano,


Thank you so much for you reply. I will try to do it.


P.S. My mistake with empty file Smiley Sad