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Upgrading GMSC version 2015 to 2016

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Hi all,


I was unsuccessful with the updating from GMSC 2015 to 2016 - after upgrade I get the error 500.19 (log4net section duplicated). First I wanted to try the usual way via button Upgrade from the installation of GMSC 2016, next try I will do the deinstallation of 2015 a installation of the GMSC 2016



Am I wrong somewhere?


UPDATE: What is the worst thing, if you try to do upgrade as above and then you want to do uninstallation, it just uninstall 2016 files, but there is no more chance, how to remove 2015 files and if you try to install 2016 then ... you get something like below when you try to load GMSC, because it probably installs 2016 over 2015 version but withou removing previous content.


UPDATE2: If you are in the situatuon that you need to manually remove folders with GMSC, it is not so easy, because System process locks some fonts from GMSC folders and it is not possible to delete them until you remove them from registry LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > Fonts, then restart machine and you can delete the GMSC folder





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Re: Upgrading GMSC version 2015 to 2016

Hi Jakub,


sorry for issues you are encountering. I've upgraded my installation with no particular problems. What I would suggest in general for the upgrade is to make a backup of your GMSC "Program" folder, then remove it and install 2016. At the end of the installation test admin and then merge the workflows and custom content you have from 2015.




Stefano Turcato
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Re: Upgrading GMSC version 2015 to 2016

I got the excat same problems (same order). I could solve it the way Stefano mentioned, with deinstalling GMSC, renaming the GMSC Programm folder and doing a complete new installation of 2016.

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