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Workflow - Autocomplete not working properly


This may be linked to other posts:

WF autocomplete only 10 entries by marco.crisafulli in GeoMedia Smart Client from 2016   I would like to raise this issue as a I believe that would be nice to have an autocomplete running properly.


Autocomplete is limited to small amount of results and it doesn't update the lookup values according with the input characters.


For example..


When I type a word will show the exact same list as if I type a different value, I don't know why this happens but no error or warning was found and it only show a small amount of records not all of them.

The ListValues is a simple SELECT DISTINCT query.


If I change the current AutoComplete to ComboBox everything seems to work everything ok.


Is anything I can do to make this work with a AutoComplete field ? I am now using ComboBox now without a problem, but will be nice to have this AutoComplete field running  properly in future.


Thank you



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Re: Workflow - Autocomplete not working properly

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Hi ePascoal,


Can you please elucidate on the issue that you are reporting with regards to Autocomplete widget?

Your SQL statement for LoV with perhaps a screenshot of the described result would be helpful here.


I tested quickly an Autocomplete widget here and it was working well for me in GMSC 2018 Update 4. The article you reference is from 2016 and mentions GMSC 2016, but I wasn't clear on which version you are currently using.


I wonder if you have specified a 'where' clause in your select distinct LoV.

As an example here is a working Autocomplete widget I have to autocomplete values for Location from the LoV that exist already ({FORM.Location} is a hidden field) :

select distinct LOCATION from Crime where upper(LOCATION) '%'||upper({FORM.Location})||'%'


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Registered: ‎09-18-2018

Re: Workflow - Autocomplete not working properly



Your example was good which help me to understand that we need to include the input inside of your SQL query for the Autocomplete widget to work. My mistake was to assume the widget was managing the list by itself. (e.g. on the GMSC controller) but no. We need to explicit define that on our LoV definition.



SELECT DISTINCT  Words  FROM MyTable WHERE Words LIKE '%'+{Form.SearchWord}+'%'  ORDER BY Words DESC

Thank you.