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Workflow FormTable, file download from network Path.


Probably trivial question : )

I have defined form action in my form table to open file from http locations:


<FormTable name="name" label=" " persisted="false" lov="xxxx " idfield="ID">

          <FormTableField name="RODZAJ_DOK" label="Rodzaj dokumentu" />

          <FormTableField name="DAT_UTW" label="Data dokumentu" datatype="date" />

          <FormTableField name="NR_REJ" label="Numer rejestru" />

          <FormTableField name="DECYZJA_POWOLUJACA" label="Decyzja powołująca" />

          <FormTableField name="UWAGI" label="Uwagi" />

          <FormTableField name="LOKALIZACJA" label="Załącznik1"/>

          <FormAction name="ZAL_DOK" label="Załącznik" type="row" action="SCRIPT[IG.browseInNativeBrowser({ROW.LOKALIZACJA})]" />



Now customer has changed file storing policy and stores paths in LOKALIZACJA attribute as local network (not http) paths like this one:

\\ \02\0222\0222022\321\19910730.pdf


How I can define an action in the table to download a file from that location?

Can I use a formFile in the table?

Can I use a formFile but without upload option?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Workflow FormTable, file download from network Path.



I would be concerned for the customer using IP addresses instead of computer names for file storage as all the links will break if the IP address ever changes on his server.

I would also suggest storing the path that is not Windows dependant, a URL such as file://{ServerName}/02/0222/0222022/321/19910730.pdf

Is your customer open to recommendations?



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Re: Workflow FormTable, file download from network Path.

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I would map an http path to that location on your server if possible and use that url to download the file.




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