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download project and start in 64bit

Hi everybody


I have a problem with starting GMSC in 64 bit. I read about starting it via command line in 64bit in this post but that is not really a nice solution if you have clients that have to download the newer version of GMSC from time to time. I tried different browsers (64 and 32bit versions) and I have installed both versions of java on my computer. No matter which version of the browser I use it always starts GMSC in 32bit mode. Is there a way to ensure that GMSC can be downloaded and started directly in 64bit mode from any browser?






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Re: download project and start in 64bit

Hi Carmen,


the choosen version does not depend on the browser, it depends on windows settings. There is a post here which says it depends on PATH and JAVA_HOME variables and file associations. It might be relevant the order you installed Java on your system.




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