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Accepted Solution 404 Tile not found ==> symbol file path?

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Hi all,


currently when starting our updated GMSC test environment we get the following exception:


The following tile can't be loaded because of an exception! [FeatureTile[feature=481, column=0, row=0, bounds=[100895.58,572008.15,695611.49,272068.56], timestamp=1426665289550, featureTileState=Closed]] --> [pool-4-thread-1]$ The MapService returns the following status code: 404 Tile not found '000000' in feature '[481] BDL Overview Tif'


It seems that a symbol (tif file) is missing but the file is in the same place as it was before.



Can anyone tell me where I can find the symbol file path which is used by the GMSC?


In the GMSC Administrator tool I can only see the "Data Source" with entity "sdo.v_bdl_api_overview_tif", but the view resp. table behind does not contain (from my perspective) any meaningful content (neither on the working systems - DEV, PROD - nor non working systems - TEST).





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Re: 404 Tile not found ==> symbol file path?

Hi Bernhard,


The tiles will be found in the 'WMTScache' folder while the symbology files are in the 'Symbology' folder both in the GMSC warehouse path that was configured with GMSC on the server.


If these areas are populated with what you expect (published tiles, sybmols, etc.) then it should reviewed the permissions on the GMSC warehouse folder and even the GMSC program folder.