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GeoMedia Smart Client provides tools for building and delivering highly-constrained, map-based workflows for the office or the field.
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How to translate/localize tooltips and labels in GMSC workflow form

by sclow on ‎11-03-2017 08:33 AM (425 Views)


How can a resource (.resx) file be used to translate/localize the tooltips and labels in GMSC workflow form?


The resource (.resx) should be properly named after the workflow name and extentionsed according to the language code of localization ie. workflowname.it-CH.resx for Italian(Swiss). This file needs to be placed in the folder '~Program Files/Intergraph/GeoMedia SmartClient/Program/Workflows/App_GlobalResources’.


The conent of the .resx file nees to follow naming convention ‘formname_elementtype_name_Help’ for a tooltip and ‘formname_formtype_name_Label’ for a label localization

Ie. <data name="EditState_FormAction_UpdateState_Help" >