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Demo Description for Smart Client

by Technical Evangelist ‎01-12-2016 07:27 AM - edited ‎04-16-2020 06:39 AM (5,605 Views)

Please visit for the online documentation of GeoMedia Smart Client

1 Install Hexagon App Launcher

Ensure that Hexagon App Launcher is installed on your System. If you need to install it, you can download it from here.

Once the setup is installed, you don't have to worry about updates anymore.


Launching GeoMedia SmartClient

In this section you will learn how to launch GeoMedia SmartClient on your client machine. If you already have the App Launcher installed you will get directly forwarded to the User Authentication. If not you will get a prompt, where you have to download / install it. After an successfull install you are able to start GMSC. 



User Authentication

For user authentication, type “GMSC” as username and “GMSC” as password and click the “OK” button to continue.



3 Printing

In this section you are going to conduct a paper print of the current map extent.


Analogous Printing – Printing Current Map Extent

  1. Click Printing on the menu bar:


  1. Click Open Printsettings window (72.png). 
  1. The Print settings dialog window opens up:



  1. Select New York Portrait from the Layout combo box:



  1. Change the scale to 1:60000. 
  1. Click 75.pngto open the Print preview window:



  1. Close the Print preview window by clicking 77.png . 
  1. Click 78.png to conduct the print. 
  1. Close the Print settings


4 Bookmark Manager

In this section you are going to save the current map status by creating a new bookmark.

New Bookmark Creation – Save current map status

In this section you are going to create a new bookmark


  1. Click Center map at coordinates and type in:
    • X coordinate: 128
    • Y coordinate: 717
    • Scale 1: 1000
  2. Then click on Discard to get rid of the red marker.
  3. Click on the Legend panel to go back to the legend:


  1. On the Legend panel, click Open bookmark quick selection to open the Bookmark-Manager


  1. Click Create new bookmark (86.png) to open the New bookmark window


  1. Type Times Square in the Name of bookmark


  1. Click OK to save the new bookmark


Open Bookmark

In this section you are going to learn how to open an existing bookmark.

Open an existing bookmark

  1. Click Reload project 88.png, which is located on the right of the menu bar: 
  1. The project will be reloaded and the map is set to its initial status. 
  1. On the Legend panel the Open bookmark quick selection opens up the Bookmark-Manager: As you can see, the previously created bookmark is listed on the Bookmark Manager:


  1. Click on the previously created bookmark Times Square to select it and the click Open selected bookmark (90.png) to open the bookmark. 
  1. As you can see, the map status has changed to our previously saved one.


5 Queries


In this section you are going to perform attributive and spatial queries.

Search with Input – Attributive Query regarding Tax Lots

In this section you are going to conduct attributive queries based on tax lots.

  1. Change the current map scale to 1:2500, by modifying the value in the textbox of the overview window to 2500:


  1. Press [Enter] to confirm the change. 
  1. In the Legend window on the Legend panel, locate the theme Census:
  1. Click on the right-oriented arrow beside the theme name to expand the theme:



  1. Set the feature class Tax Lots active, by right clicking on the feature class entry and then click Set active:



  1. The tax lots are now depicted on the map and due to the fact that they are set active, they can also be analyzed.
  1. Click Search (Tax Lots)




  1. On the Search with input panel, click on Attributive information about Tax Lots (with input) to display the area textbox:



  1. Type 25 in the text box ID.


  1. On the settings panel on the bottom, check New datagrid.


  1. Click Execute Search to conduct the query
  1. The query results are now displayed in a new data window:




  1. In this specific map view the selected building extension isn’t visible so just double click on zoom.png in the result line.
  2. The mapview changes and the result feature gets highlighted and centered in the map.



Search with Selection – Attributive Query

In this section you are going to query attributive information of selected tax lots features


  1. Find the Selection tools, which are located on the very bottom of the Search panel


  1. Click 67.png to select all tax lots that lie within the current map extent. 
  1. The tax lots are now selected on the map:



  1. On the Search with selection panel, click Execute search to conduct the query: 



  1. The query result is now displayed in a new data window:



6 Using a workflow in GMSC


In this section you will start a workflow and add a new POI.

  1. Set POI submitted feature active (Theme = Workflow --> 1st from the top)
  2. Click the Tab Workflow in the toolbar
  3. Click POI capture to open up the workflow
  4. workflow_start.png
  5. Click Create New POI
  6. Set Type to traffic
  7. Type GMSC as a Name
  8. Set Borough to Manhattan
  9. Type in fdr at the Street textfield
  10. Select the only one result 430 FDR DRIVE WEST LANE
  11. Click Save
  12.  In the MapViewer you can set an accurate position of your POI.
  13. workflow1.png
  14. Click on the Edit button to set a point in the map.
  15. Click Save.
  16. Click Reload on the feature POI submitted
  17. You can get detailed information about your POI in the next window, where you get for example the underlaying tax lot or a list of neighboring POIs.
  18. Click ZoomTo to get zoomed to your POI in Smart Client



on ‎03-11-2016 01:43 PM

In my case, Step 9, FDR work only with capital letters.

by Technical Evangelist
on ‎03-14-2016 03:33 AM



Working just fine.


If some other things aren't working for you, please use the Support Forum.