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GeoMedia Smart Client Overview

by Technical Evangelist ‎01-13-2016 02:05 AM - edited ‎01-14-2016 05:41 AM (1,679 Views)

GeoMedia Smart Client contains 4 different products:



There are some tutorials for every product.



For example a beginner tutorial shows you how to setup and administer a project in GMSC. To do so nine steps are sufficient. 


  1. Create Project + CSF
  2. Import from database
  3. Import symbology library
  4. Feature changes
  5. Legend Definition
  6. Publish Order
  7. Resources
  8. PrintLayout import
  9. Roles + Claims (special feature claims)


The following two tutorials describing these nine steps based on the example dataset, which can be found here.



If an error occurs somewhere in the application, it can be in the Administrator or in the client itself, you can found detailed information about where to find the log files here.




There are some advanced tutorials for example to get the new symbolizers within GMSC 15 up and running:

If you want to see it live, please have a look at our public demo.


Also if you want to use FullText Search in your Public Maps you will find a tutorial how to do it in SQLServer respectively Oracle here.




There are also some expert tutorials, which gives you more possibilities in Smart Client. For example how to use SSO (Single Sign On) in GMSC or how to use LTT in Oracle to get two different workspaces. These tutorials can be found here respectively here.


It is also possible to get your own custom coordinate system into GeoMedia Smart Client. The tutorial can be found here.


If you want to open up GMSC via https there is also a tutorial, which can be found here.




For all those of you, who wants to extend the functionality of GeoMedia Smart Client, there is the Developer Network, where you can discuss such things as well find API documentations.


The Network can be found here.