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Log Files

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-01-2015 06:55 AM (1,573 Views)

To get any of the following log files you have to check if you have followed step 20 at the Installation Guide.



Note: By default only errors are written into the log files. If there are no ones, the log file will remain empty.

Note: If you get an error somewhere in the application and the log files nevertheless remain empty, check if you have followed step 20 at the Installation Guide. The problem is that you haven't assign the proper rights for the specific folders.


Every log file but Smart Client Log are server side and are located in your GMSC Install directory folder.


Administrator Log

Note: The log file of the administrator is located at GMSC_Install_Dir\Program\Administrator\Log.


You get an error in the administrator service and you want to know the reason for this, you can check the administrator log file. For example you have the wrong SQL connection for your feature import or for example you have created a new query and you want to test it and there is a mistake in the query, a new entry in the log file is created.


SmartClientService Log

Note: The log file of the SmartClient service is located at GMSC_Install_Dir\Program\Log.


A new entry gets created in this log file, if for example you have problems in the metadata of the project or feature and so on. So for example if you have defined a resource in the administrator and you delete the resource manually, then SmartClient will throw an error message and the reason for this error message is in the SmartClient service log file.

Workflow Log


Note: The log file of the workflows is located at GMSC_Install_Dir\Program\Workflows\Log.


If your workflow throws an error you can check the workflows log file for detailled information about the reason of the error. For example if there is an error calling the workflow or an error appears within a workflow the log file gets a new entry.



MapService Log

Note: The log file of the map service is located at GMSC_Install_Dir\Program\Maps\Log.


For example if a feature or a symbology can't be downloaded from the server for GeoMedia Smart Client, you can check this log file for the reason of the resulting error.

TileService Log

Note: The log file of the tile service is located at GMSC_Install_Dir\Program\TileService\Log.


If you have cached features and you get an error during your Publish Order, you can check the tile service log file for detailled information about the reason for the upcoming error.



Smart Client Log


If you any problems or errors in GeoMedia Smart Client itself (for example problems in the map) you will find a detailed error message in the Smart Client log. At the status bar you can see how the log file is called.


Note: All log files of the client are located at C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\log.


Public Maps Log

Note: The log file of Public Maps is located at GMSC_Install_Dir\Program\Public\Log.


If you have problems or errors in Public Maps (for example if some tiles are not loaded) you will find a detailed error message in the Public Maps log.