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Microsoft Bing Maps in Smart Client (How To)

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-01-2015 07:03 AM (876 Views)

This section describes how to use Microsoft Bing Maps in GeoMedia Smart Client.

Note: Before you start following step by step the instructions on this page, be sure that you have a key for Microsoft Bing Maps.

Note: For every set of Microsoft Bing Maps a single feature has to be created.

Note: If you want to use BingMaps and WMTS on the client side your graphic card must be supported by JavaFX hardware acceleration. To check if your graphic card does, download the following JNLP file (
If you will see the following screenshot by opening the JNLP file everything is good for you.



Step 1: Create a new feature


Click on the WorkflowLink New Feature and then choose the option Bing Maps and you get forwarded to the form, where you can define some options for the new feature.





Step 2: Feature options




Note: Most important field is the Key field. You have to paste your Microsoft Bing Maps key in there.


In combination with a specific sort of maps (available through the drop down list named Set) the connection string is merged.

After defining all options click Save.


Step 3: Adding the feature to the legend


Click on Projects  and select the project, where Bing Maps is integrated (see Step 2:). Change to the tab Legend and assign the Microsoft Bing Maps feature(s) to a theme.



Step 4: Setting the feature rights


Check that the feature right for the Microsoft Bing Maps feature(s) is set to Visualize




Step 5: Start GeoMedia Smart Client

The following figure shows Microsoft Bing Maps with the set (Aerial with road overlay).