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Accepted Solution

16.5.0210 SDK local printing problem - can't produce a PNG File

I've installed the 16.5.0210 release of the SDK and will add my customizations to this version.  I noticed that i can not get a local print to complete and produce output.  I currently have C:\Program Files\Common Files\Hexagon\Services\Supporting Services\PrintingService folder on server with portalprintservice.svc from May 29, 2017 and /bin folder there with files from April 25, 2018.  Is there anythign i need to do to be able to get a Local Print (just a PNG File) to complete.  I then update web.config to use <setting name="ConverterPath" serializeAs="String">
<value>c:\Program Files\GraphicsMagick-1.3.30-Q16\gm.exe</value>
</setting> and produce PDF output.  Currently all works great with production version using older version of SDK (2/22/2019( but i can't get the new version to even complete a local print  (it's installed on same server as working version)

Regular Contributor
Posts: 253
Registered: ‎05-01-2016

Re: 16.5.0210 SDK local printing problem - can't produce a PNG File

was not updating both web.config files:


Have to change both

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Hexagon\Services\Supporting Services\PrintingService\web.config

(Change here is this:

<setting name="ConverterPath" serializeAs="String">

        <value>c:\Program Files\GraphicsMagick-1.3.30-Q16\gm.exe</value>



<setting name="ConverterArguments" serializeAs="String">

  <value>convert -density {0} "{1}" -colors 64 -units PixelsPerInch EPDF:"{2}"</value>

</setting>    Note:  Converter Arguments is sampling factor so that the output PDF file is not too large





(Change here is this: 

<printing tileSize="2000" mapSizeLimit="5000" timeout="00:02" defaultService="FirstExternal" precisionGeographic="7" precisionProjected="0" printingEngine="phantomJS" phantomJSProgramLocation="C:\Program Files\phantomjs-2.1.1-windows\bin\phantomjs.exe"/> )


The first change is to enable PDF Printing and the second change is to use the PhantomJS print engine rather that the Windows one.

The paths to both GraphicMagick and Phantomjs have to be edited to match to correct file locations; both programs must be installed.