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Adding an image to layout in GeoMedia 2018

Dear all,


In GeoMedia 2018 in the layout window I am trying to add an image to my layout, I choose (Drawing) -> (Insert Object) -> (Create form file) and unchecked (Link)

I tried to choose different types of images (e.g. .tiff, .png, .jpg, .bmp) but all of them gave the following error:

Source file cannot be found !!

OBJECT image ERROR.png


I am using windows 7 64 bit with 16 GB Ram,

so what shall I do to add an image to a layout then?


Hint: I tried the same images in a windows 10 pc it gave the same error ,then it worked only when I am opening the image within the (ms paint) while inserting it in GeoMedia which is so weird; I tried the same way then in windows 7 with no success.


Kind Regards


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Re: Adding an image to layout in GeoMedia 2018

See article

Insert pictures in layout window via drawing tool


Its most likle your image  default is opened by some other application that is non existant


Try setup registry to point to Paint.Picture

Technical Evangelist
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Re: Adding an image to layout in GeoMedia 2018

Hi Khaled,


as far as I remember, the image type you are trying to insert must be associated with an application, which is also an OLE server. I am not sure what such an application is the best, try to search a web. Maybe IrfanView might help, but I am not sure.



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Re: Adding an image to layout in GeoMedia 2018

Not tested in Geomedia2018, but my workaround in Geomedia2016:

  1. Import picture in MS Excel
  2. Copy it there (CTRL+c)
  3. Insert in layout window (CTRL+v)