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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎06-18-2017

Adding and editing feature

[ Edited ]

I want to know why INGR Campus image doesn't show in map window. It shows rectangular frame. I also check warehouse connection and Legend entries. Please answer.


Map window show the following image


Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎02-02-2016

Re: Adding and editing feature

I'm not familiar with this specific data set, but I suspect that the folder path to the raster files referenced by the Images_Ingr_Campus feature class is incorrect. 


To update the path to the correct folder location for the raster files on your machine you can use the steps below:


  1. Select the Manage Data > Images command. 
  2. Then from the Feature class list select the feature class that you wish to update (i.e. Images_Ingr_Campus). 
  3. If the folder path listed under Images does not match the location of the raster files on your machine, then...
  4. Highlight the current path and then click the Update button. 
  5. When the 'Browse For Folder' dialog appears, browse to the folder containing the raster files on your machine and click the OK button.
  6. Select Close on the Images dialog to exit the command. 

Hopefully this will correct the issue you are experiencing.