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Registered: ‎05-23-2016

Autocad license server FLex LM 10.10.0 compliance Intergraph license server

I would like to install GeoMedia 2015 CC license Server in a Window Server 2008 R2 

In this server there iis running an Autocad License Server. Autocad needs Flex LM build 95001 x64_n6.

GeoMedia 2015  uses build 116574 i86_n3 


Are both compliance?  

How could we make them work in the same computer?


Thanks in advance 


Maria Martinez 

Technical Evangelist
Posts: 172
Registered: ‎02-02-2016

Re: Autocad license server FLex LM 10.10.0 compliance Intergraph license server

For GeoMedia versions greater than 2013, I would suggest installing the 11.13.2 version of Intergraph Licensing.  Yes, it's called Intergraph Licensing 2016 but it can host licenses for GeoMedia 2015.  Also be aware that your 2015 GeoMedia clients can check out a license from a license service hosting GeoMedia version 2016 licenses.  The revese is not true of course so 2016 GeoMedia cannot check out a license from a license service hosing 2015 licenses.


It's my guess that the version of LMGRD.exe we deliver in our 11.13.2 will work for the autocad's vendor service but you don't have to find out as each licensing vendor service (INGRTS.exe in our case) reference it's own license file and FlexNet License Manager (LMGRD.exe) service. If you run LMTools.exe and review the Config Services tab you can see that for the service has explicit paths to it's own lmgrd.exe and .lic file.  I think autocad does something very similar.  Avoid a PORT conflict by defining unique and open port values in the license files for each set of services.